‘Batgirl’ & ‘Static Shock’ Movies Might Become HBO Max Exclusives

In a new article from the New York Times, where they speak with DC Films president Walter Hamada and it’s revealed that they are going to make superhero films that will become HBO Max exclusives.

The outlet speculating that “risker characters” like Batgirl and Static Shock could be some projects that ultimately head to HBO Max. However, it reads more like their opinion rather sourced information.

The most expensive DC movies (up to four a year, starting in 2022) are designed for release in theaters, Mr. Hamada said. Additional superhero films (two annually is the goal, perhaps focused on riskier characters like Batgirl and Static Shock) will arrive exclusively on HBO Max, the fledgling streaming service owned by WarnerMedia.

It’ll be interesting if Warner Bros. and DC Films feels like diverse projects like these would only be viable on streaming rather than theatrical. Only time will tell as this isn’t official news or anything.

There is already some feathers ruffled with WarnerMedia’s day-and-date model coming in 2021 and are signs that future directors are making sure their movies won’t be suddenly thrown on HBO Max. Making sure directors are aware that films are heading to streaming ahead of time is likely a good thing rather than what recently happened to filmmakers.


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