‘Buck Rogers’: Legendary Hires Brian K. Vaughn To Write New Series Based On Pulp Sci-Fi Hero

It was announced not too long ago that Legendary Entertainment landed the film and television rights to the classic sci-fi hero Buck Rogers. Now, there is word from The Hollywood Reporter that Legendary has hired comic book and screenwriter Brian K. Vaughn (Lost, Y: The Last Man, Saga) to tackle a new television series.

Brian K. Vaughan, the comics author behind Y: The Last Man and Saga, has been tapped to pen Legendary’s television series adaptation of classic pulp hero Buck Rogers. Don Murphy and Susan Montford, whose credits include TransformersandReal Steel, will produce via their Angry Films banner along with Flint Dille, the grandson of the original Buck Rogers creator.

Rogers first appeared in a story titled Armageddon 2419 and published in a 1928 issue of pulp mainstay, Amazing Stories. Written by Philip Francis Nowlan, the story told of a man who is trapped in a coal mine during a cave-in, falls into suspended animation, and Rip Van Winkle-style, wakes up almost 500 years into the future. There, he is enlisted to help fight a war between several gangs in what was once America.

Where the show will land is up-in-the-air but most recently Dune spinoff series Dune: The Sisterhood is at HBO Max. However, there could be issues with working with WarnerMedia at the moment as Legendary is reportedly on the cusp of suing them over placing Dune and Godzilla vs Kong on HBO Max, something that the production company wasn’t consulted on after WarnerMedia blocked a $250 million offer from Netflix to secure Godzilla vs Kong.

They’re also said to be developing a film and anime series.


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