Neill Blomkamp Secretly Shot An Untitled Supernatural Horror Movie For AGC Studios Over The Summer – His First Feature Film In 5 Years

District 9’s Neill Blomkamp has finally shot a follow-up to his film Chappie!

Neill has had a long journey with multiple mishaps and projects that never quite happened. For whatever reason films such as Alien 5, RoboCop Returns, Greenland, and his upcoming film Inferno (delayed to 2021) just didn’t come together over the years.

However, there is news he’s finally finished a new feature film. Neill recently he shot an untitled sci-fi horror film over the summer in British Columbia, Canada (where Neill’s Oats Studios is located) according to Deadline with the new film being set for AGC Studios.

They also add they’re expected to be finished by the spring of 2021 and that cinematographer Byron Kopman worked on the horror project.

Details are scarce but this seems to be the only post Neill really made about the project, on Instagram at least.

This would be the first feature film for Neill in five years since he released Chappie back in 2015. Blomkamp had originally planned to shoot his action horror film Inferno (also at AGC Studios) in Albuquerque, New Mexico this year starring Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, True Detective) but that has been delayed to 2021. Blomkamp has been keeping himself busy shooting short films for Oats Studios alongside commercials.

AGC Studios is beyond handful of upcoming films including Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall for Lionsgate and the pandemic heist film Lockdown from director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Chaos Walking) that stars Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Ben Stiller that landed at HBO Max. They also put together the sci-fi action film Universe’s Most Wanted with Dave Bautista (Blade Runner 2049, Spectre, Guardians of The Galaxy) and Brad Peyton directing.


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