‘Plastic Man’: Screenwriter Cat Vasko Tackling A Female-Led Version

I guess it should be called Plastic Woman as there is word from The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. has tasked newcomer Cat Vasko to write a female take on the DC Comics hero Plastic Man. The project said to be more in the comedic realm and had a script previously worked on by Amanda Idoko.

Sources tell THR that the project, which is in the earliest stages of development, will now become a female-leading vehicle. It is unclear if that means a title change or not.

Sonic The Hedgehog actor Ben Schwartz had been actively campaigning to play Plastic Man on social media but that campaign seemingly is now over.

Neither a star or a director is mentioned for the project but joins a laundry list of DC Comics films in various stages of development at the studio. It remains to be seen if they ultimately make the project but hiring a new writer is a good sign along.

I’ll be curious to see how DC fans will react to the idea that the studio is tinkering with the hero like this, but really hasn’t had a feature film adaptation which gives Warner Bros. some wiggle-room to do their own thing with the character.


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