Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye’ Series Shooting Footage In Brooklyn Next Week – Unknown If Cast Will Be Involved

The Verge’s Chris Welch has posted a photo of a local production notice on his Twitter account confirming something for the upcoming Hawkeye series (working title Anchor Point) will be shooting in Brooklyn on December 2nd along with a list of the areas they’ll be filming.

It’s possibly some exterior scenes like was done recently with Spider-Man 3 and it’s unknown if any cast members will actually be involved as the main shoot for the series is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. Flying in actors doesn’t seem terribly necessary given the status of the pandemic. It’s worth mentioning that Shang-Chi had also shot stuff in San Francisco without their main cast.

Keeping the cast in as few locations would be in their best interest to avoid exposure to COVID-19 during the shoot. Given the technology available to these Marvel Studios shows they could simply film their surroundings then add actors later in the post-production stage.

We’re still waiting on if actress Hailee Steinfeld will be confirmed to play Kate Bishop or another yet-to-be-named actress has signed on to play Clint Barton’s protege. Hopefully, we start getting some new casting information concerning the series soon along with confirmations concerning the high-volume of character rumors that have been circulating.

However, this would yet again confirm that Hawkeye is next up with She-Hulk expected to be the next Atlanta series and will start-up sometime in March.


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