‘Hawkeye’ Confirmed To Be The Next Disney+ Series To Shoot In Atlanta

The Ronin can now confirm that Marvel’s Hawkeye series under the working title Anchor Point is about to begin shooting (if it hasn’t already) in Atlanta, Georgia. This would make the Jeremy Renner project to be the next series entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to shoot after Ms. Marvel officially started filming last week.

Jeremy Renner is reprising the Clint Barton role and will be mentoring a young female protege named Kate Bishop, one of the Young Avengers.

A previous report from The Hollywood Reporter stated that She-Hulk (Atlanta) and Moon Knight (London) wouldn’t begin their shoots until March. With WandaVision and The Falcon wrapped (Loki about to wrap) this gives Marvel the extra space needed to shoot both Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye simultaneously.

There was also a production grid making the rounds suggesting a September start which obviously wasn’t accurate as the pandemic led to extended shoots on Falcon and WandaVision not leaving much room for new shows to jump in. COVID-19 has been throwing production dates into a tizzy for months and as studios adopt bubbles they might be able to avoid future delays once filming starts.

Also filming in Atlanta, is Spider-Man 3 aka The November Project which is rumored to be using a production bubble to keep cast and crew safe during filming on the Spidey sequel.

There still isn’t official confirmation about who exactly has taken the Kate Bishop (Barton’s young protege) role in the show despite Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, Bumblebee) being in the mix for the part early on as reported first by Variety. It’s expected to become a key role not just in the series but for future MCU films as well.

Renner posted this image on his Instagram stories yesterday leading fans to believe this means filming has started, although, could have been connected to a workout picture he posted from the gym.

Another Disney+ show on the horizon includes a Nick Fury series starring Samuel L. Jackson and written by Kyle Bradstreet (Mr. Robot) that could end up tackling the Skrulls/S.W.O.R.D. depending when and where it’s set in the timeline.

There are also other shows in development stages that have yet to be made official by Marvel/Disney.

WandaVision is the the first Disney+ series to release and will officially debut on January 15th.

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