Jaimie Alexander’s Sif Returning For The ‘Loki’ Series? – Actress Heads To Atlanta For “Work”

Yesterday, actress Jaimie Alexander seemingly revealed on her Instagram account that she was heading to Atlanta, Georgia for work reasons without stating what the project is. There is a genuine possibility she could be reprising the Sif role in Marvel’s Loki series but that remains speculation for the time being. The Sif character has been in limbo concerning the MCU since Thor: The Dark World and potentially escaped being killed by Hela in Thor: Ragnaork due to scheduling issues with her series Blindspot.

Marvel Studios has previously confirmed that Loki still has 4-5 weeks of filming before wrapping-up which is likely why people are leaning towards Jaimie potentially flying in to work on the Disney+ series. However, given how many things are filming in Atlanta it could be non-Marvel work as well.

Jaimie spent the evening with hanging out with friends.

Back in October, she posted an image of herself from Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. which had people buzzing about her getting ready to bring Sif back in some shape or form. Many making the leap it could be for Thor: Love & Thunder but it’s more likely it could for Loki if there is a return at all.

There had been rumblings that Season 2 of Loki could also be starting-up in the new year but Marvel/Disney hasn’t even confirmed that is even happening, while we’ve known for a while that Loki was going to get multiple seasons.

We’ll have to place this one in the speculation folder for the time being.

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