Paul Bettany Describes Vision’s Unit For Some Reason – Is He The Dr. Manhattan of The MCU?

WandaVision actor Paul Bettany recently did an interview for Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz to promote an upcoming film when the subject switched to the upcoming series along with the prospect of seeing Vision nude in the Disney+ series.

For whatever reason Josh Horowitz went one step further and brought-up the topic of Vision’s penis leading to Paul invoking Watchmen’s extremely hung Dr. Manhattan suggesting that the Avenger can also manipulate the size of his genitals at a whim, going even further to suggest it’s purple.

HOROWITZ: Do we finally get to see Vision’s penis finally?

BETTANY: “There is not nudity so to speak but I think people can answer this question for themselves…Vision can change his density so there’s that.”

HOROTWITZ: What color?

BETTANY: “He’s purple.”

Of course, all joking aside there isn’t likely going to be any nude scenes on the Disney+ plaform anytime soon given the family-friendly nature of the streaming platform but I’m sure weird questions like this will persist and continue now that Bettany has described Vision’s unit publicly.

WandaVision debuts January 15th on Disney+ and it remains to be seen where Viz will appear next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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