Paramount In Talks With ‘Creed 2’ Director Steven Caple Jr. For Next ‘Transformers’ Film Penned By ‘Kenobi’ Writer

After months of searching Paramount Pictures and Hasbro Studios has found a director for their next Transformers film. Deadline reports that Creed 2 director Steven Caple Jr. has been tapped by the studio for the upcoming blockbuster gig that will see him tackle a new film in the newly soft-reboot of the franchise that started with Bumblebee.

They point out that negotiations haven’t begun with the director.

This will be based on the script that screenwriter Joby Harold (Kenobi, Army of The Dead) developed.

This news would likely explain why Steven wasn’t being considered for Creed 3 with star Michael B. Jordan mulling over making his directorial debut on the Rocky spinoff sequel.

Hasbro Studios is also behind G.I. Joe Origins: Snake Eyes and a new Power Rangers film.


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