Showtime and Pablo Schreiber Confirm Production Has Resumed In Budapest On Their Live-Action ‘Halo’ Series

After some recent hints from Halo lead actor Pablo Schreiber that filming was about to resume on the sci-fi series, Showtime and Pablo have confirmed this on Twitter/Instagram that production has started back up in Budapest, Hungary.

Pablo plays John 117 aka Master Chief in the sci-fi action military series based on the beloved Microsoft/Xbox video game franchise which will have 10-episodes on Showtime. Filming originally started in Budapest last November before COVID-19 restrictions became a hiccup in 2020 across the globe concerning the halt of film and television productions.

It was revealed by Rogue director M.J. Bassett, that he will not be returning to the series due to a scheduling conflict with his next film.

I’ve recently learned that Showtime has already started the lengthy post-production process on the series which is a good sign that they’ll be able to cross the finish line in the not too distant future.


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