Netflix Halts UK Filming On ‘The Witcher’ Series Due To Four Positive COVID-19 Tests From Today

Despite a lockdown in the United Kingdom, film and television productions were allowed to keep going without much hindrance from the British government.

There is now a report from Deadline that filming has paused by Netflix after four people working on the fantasy series had tested positive for COVID-19 today. Filming on the Henry Cavill show had been taking place at Arborfield Studios which is near London, England.

Netflix has halted production in the UK on The Witcher following multiple positive COVID-19 cases, we can reveal. The four positive cases are from today, we have confirmed, and Netflix will carry out an isolated round of testing of everyone involved in the show. Those impacted have been isolated and are not among lead cast, we hear.

This would be the second time that filming has been disrupted by positive COVID-19 tests.

Given the increase of COVID cases in the UK and the lockdown, it seems odd that productions are being allowed to keep going and this just another example that even being extremely careful the amount of people on set just makes it easier for people to get exposed to an airborne virus.


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