Tom Holland Has Finally Arrived In Atlanta To Shoot ‘Spider-Man 3’ and Is Super Excited About It – “Let’s Go!”

It looks like Spider-Man 3’s main shoot is about to kick-off soon in Atlanta, Georgia as Tom Holland has now officially flown over from Europe to the United States after seemingly competing the production on the Uncharted film.

Tom posted some videos of himself on what looked like a private plane on Instagram Stories and the final one was of him walking on the tarmac confirming he was in the city to shoot Spider-Man 3 and was super enthusiastic about it.

HOLLAND: “So we just landed in Atlanta and… it’s time for Spider-Man 3. Let’s Go!”

I don’t really blame Tom Holland for the excitement given the film had been delayed multiple times due to the Coronavirus pausing the production of Uncharted back in March just before they started rolling on it. That pretty much cemented that the summer shoot for Spider-Man 3 would be pushed into the fall/winter.

However, with the skyrocketing new cases of COVID-19 in the United States as single day numbers are the highest since the pandemic started, I’m slightly curious if the production will see multiple hiccups throughout the shoot if they don’t use a production bubble (similar to what was used with the NBA) to keep cast and crew safe. We’ve already seen in the United Kingdom (less cases and deaths per capita than the U.S.) that both massive films The Batman and Jurassic World: Dominion, despite new safety precautions, still ended up with positive test results with the former lead actor Robert Pattinson testing positive.

I’ll try to remain hopeful but it’s hard not to be at least worried that stateside film productions over the winter aren’t likely going to have an easy go as other places in the world.

While there have been plenty of rumors about who will show up in the third film cast members reported by trades include Holland, Zendaya as MJ, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Jacob Batalon as Ned, Tony Revolori as Flash, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Jamie Foxx shocking return as villain Electro.

There is also an expectation that J.K. Simmons will be back as the meddlesome J. Jonah Jameson.

I’m slightly curious if following the events of Spider-Man 3 that Tom Holland will be showing up in Doctors Strange In The Multiverse of Madness as his final Marvel Studios movie before the Sony/Marvel deal expires for a second time.

The film with returning director Jon Watts is expected to use the new working title of The November Project (used Serenity Now for 2nd unit shoot in NYC) during it’s time filming in Atlanta. It’s currently unknown if Spider-Man 3 will attempt to shoot in multiple other countries as previously planned.

More casting news should be coming very soon.

Spider-Man 3 has been given a release date of December 17th, 2021 by Sony Pictures but a lot can happen over a year and they just might not be able to hit that target as we’ve seen plenty of these release dates move for various reasons. They are hardly set in stone anymore.


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