‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Actress Erin Kellyman Confirmed For ‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ As She Is Spotted On Set

Back In May, Murphy’s Multiverse had speculated that young actress Erin Kellyman (Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Green Knight) had taken an undisclosed role in the Marvel Studios series The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. That has now been officially confirmed thanks to a recent set photo from Atlanta, Georgia as the Star Wars actress (her name obviously misspelled in the IG post) can be seen working with Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s George St-Pierre, as he reprises the Batroc The Leaper role in the series.

Could Erin be playing Batroc’s young assassin/mercenary daughter Marie?

Erin is likely most notable for her role as Star Wars character Enfys Nest in Solo: A Star Wars Story and has a role in A24’s Arthurian fantasy film The Green Knight which still hasn’t been given a new release date.

The Ronin reported back in mid-August that The Falcon & The Winter Soldier would see it’s release delayed until sometime in 2021 after many were adamant that it could still make a 2020 release despite having a fair amount of filming to do. The delay tidbit has seemingly been confirmed by Disney+ as they’ve excluded the series from their 2020 lineup promo material and the official website lists a TBA 2021 release.

Hopefully, they won’t delay the series too long as many folks are really looking forward to getting their hands on it after the recent news that Black Widow’s release date has been pushed to May.


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