Marvel Studios Reportedly Delaying Release of ‘Black Widow’ Again – Will It Take ‘Eternals’ Spot In February?

The blockbuster delays don’t seem will be stopping anytime soon as Variety is mentioning something we’ve all suspected since the summer that Black Widow isn’t likely going to be released on November 6th as previously planned, and foresee another delay is coming. 

Disney will likely delay Black Widow, the superhero adventure from Marvel that was slated to open on Nov. 6, according to multiple individuals with knowledge of the situation.

The solo flick takes place between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. 

Unlike the Disney+ shows Black Widow has been completed for months and it really comes down to the recent fumble with the release of Tenet by Warner Bros., which saw some healthy returns overseas all things considering but a dismal $9.4 million opening weekend and a $6.7 second weekend for the Christopher Nolan. A key reason by Warner Bros. quickly moved Wonder Woman 1984 from October 2nd to December 25th, it’ll also signal other 2020 movies to jump ship. 

While theaters are open audiences are opting not to return along with smaller capacities it is almost impossible for studios to make decent box office domestically and moving stuff into 2021 is just the smart play. 

Fans have also been championing the Mulan model of dumping Black Widow on Disney+’s Premier Access, however, it doesn’t look like that faired well for Disney as the film didn’t make a lot of money in comparison to a traditional theatrical release and given its budget they’re likely not happy with the results. It’s was potentially due to the restricted access to the pricey $29.99 film was relegated only to Disney+ subscribers. The service skews younger than most would like to admit and given the economy, it’s a huge ask for people to spend that kind of money on a single film. 

There is also the matter of Scarlett Johansson’s backend deal that would be completely erased if the film doesn’t get a theatrical release, that would see the actress possibly lose millions.

It wouldn’t be the first move for the Marvel flick as it had been originally planned as a May 1st release before the pandemic crushed the spring and summer movie season. Moving the action flick to the Eternals spot of February 12th, 2021 seems to be the more bankable date they’ll use given that Disney hasn’t even started to promote Eternals it allows them to slide Black Widow in that date. 

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