‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Officially Begins Airing October 30th On Disney+ – Debunks Delay/Reshoot Rumor

Yesterday, some really bad Star Wars rumors were making the rounds from the most unreliable source, YouTube streamer Grace Randolph. She was suggesting that because a trailer for The Mandalorian Season 2 didn’t magically appear during the NBA playoffs that there were extensive Season 2 reshoots ahead and most likely delays.

Stating that Disney was unhappy with the upcoming season.

However, it looks like she was again exposed as a huckster peddling in false information as Disney officially announced today on the show’s Twitter account that episodes will begin airing on October 30th on Disney+. This news should comfort those that were silly enough to fall for those attention seeking lies.

They also includes a new logo for the second season.

Lucasfilm is hard at work on Season 3 prep with writing scripts and pre-production stages as the pandemic has shuffled the schedule a little. The Ronin revealed last week that Jon Favreau is expected to direct at least one episode and that Emmy-nominated production designer Andrew L. Jones is confirmed to be returning.

Once the promotion for Mulan’s Premier Access on Disney+ is over there is a strong expectation that Disney will release a trailer and marketing wave for The Mandalorian.


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