Christopher Nolan Endorses ‘Tenet’ Star John David Washington For ‘Green Lantern’

The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan was briefly asked by Geeks of Color about his Tenet star John David Washington playing DC Comics hero Green Lantern and the possibility of him directing the project. 

NOLAN: “I think my DC days are over but I think he’d be an excellent choice, he certainly gets my vote.”

I’m not terribly sure how much pull Nolan has considering during the press tour for Dunkirk he endorsed star Tom Hardy as the next James Bond, we’ll see if the ringing endorsement actually sways anyone at the studio.

Plans for a new Green Lantern film have seemingly stalled in recent years after David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes had been tasked to pen Green Lantern Corps. a while ago with then Geoff Johns taking a stab at a script.

It was announced that there are plans at HBO Max to make a Green Lantern television series but it’s unknown how that will directly impact future films. 

There is a chance the series could be connected to the film as The Batman is getting a tie-in Gotham PD series taking place a year before the events of the upcoming film. 


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