‘Grass-Fed’ Is Officially A Marvel Studios Project – Could It Be A Reference To The Blood Farms From ‘Blade’?

Charles Murphy strikes again!

He has returned with hard evidence that Grass-Fed Productions LLC is indeed a Marvel Studios project and it will also shoot in the United Kingdom as well.

We can also verify this information is 100% correct.

Charles has been considering the project either being Mahershala Ali’s Blade or the unofficial Spider-Woman film. I say unofficial because the title hasn’t been revealed by Sony Pictures or that we’ll see Marvel Studios’ participation. But Charles makes some good arguments.

However, I’m inclined to lean towards Blade since there are plenty of reference to humans being cattle/livestock in multiple films and in Blade Trinity vampires were exploiting this on a larger visual scale with humans being bled at Blood Farms. Marvel Studios also announced Ali’s casting over a year ago at San Diego Comic-Con.

The blood farm concept was later recycled in the vampire flick Daybreakers.

Adding to the cattle/livestock connection to Blade, the opening sequence of the original film from 1998 takes place in a meatpacking warehouse where you see massive cuts of beef hanging alongside human victims for the vampires at the rave. A visual cue to establish the food chain hierarchy of the Vampire Nation and human society from the start of the film.

A little known fact is Kevin Feige has a producing credit on Blade Trinity.

If this is indeed Blade they likely have a screenwriter and director attached.

Then again, this project could be an unannounced/untitled Disney+ series.


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