Fresh Concept Artwork From ‘Avatar’ Sequels – New RDA Aquatic Vehicle Called The Crabsuit Revealed

The official Avatar Twitter account has dropped two new pieces of concept artwork from the upcoming films, this time highlighting a brand new RDA submersible vehicle called The Crabsuit. 

The Crabsuit: A human driven multifunction submersible. One of the many new RDA vehicles that will be seen in the Avatar sequels. 

It seems like they’ve sort of used the cockpit from the C-21 Dragon Assault Ship from the first movie. The Sea Dragon was another vehicle previously revealed through set photos. 

James Cameron and the team recently resumed the live-action portion of filming at Stone Street Studios in Wellington, New Zealand. 

However, it was officially announced that the release date would be getting pushed back an entire year because of the production delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here are those new release dates. 

  • AVATAR 2 – 12/16/22 
  • AVATAR 3 – 12/20/24 
  • AVATAR 4 – 12/18/26 
  • AVATAR 5 – 12/22/28


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