‘Black Adam’ Reportedly Adds Noah Centineo As Atom Smasher

While it’s been ages since we’ve had an update concerning New Line Cinema’s DC Comics film Black Adam from director Jaume Collet-Serra. It looks like we have our first big casting addition since confirmation that Dwayne Johnson would be playing the titular character.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the studio has hired up-and-coming heartthrob Noah Centineo in the role of Atom Smasher, the DC character had been long rumored for the film.

Centineo will play Atom Smasher, a character who can control his molecular structure and is able to manipulate his size and strength. 

Noah had been previously hired to play Prince Adam/He-Man in Sony’s long-delayed Masters of The Universe reboot film.

Black Adam is said to be shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. However, with the United States including Georgia seeing a massive uptick in new Coronavirus cases a production start anytime soon likely wouldn’t be smart or safe on the part of New Line Cinema.

I had also heard that a portion was expected to shoot in California, another state that is dealing with a wave of new cases.

Warner Bros. has given the film a release date of Decemeber 22nd, 2021. It remains to be seen if they’ll be able to stick that date if production is delayed into 2021.


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