‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ VFX Supervisor Kelly Port Confirmed For ‘Spider-Man 3’

The Ronin has been able to independently confirm that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ upcoming/untitled Spider-Man 3 has indeed added veteran visual effects supervisor Kelly Port to the film’s production team.

Port most recently worked on Marvel’s box office juggernauts Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. I’m curious if this potentially hints at the scale of the superhero sequel or they simply wanted someone already familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has tackled Spider-Man.

He was nominated for Best Achievement In Visual Effects at the 2019 Academy Awards for his work on Avengers: Infinity War.

Kelly has a history with Disney previously working on Beauty & The Beast and Maleficent.

Director Jon Watts is returning to finish his trilogy with a script penned by Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna. The pair of screenwriters also worked on the last two installments.

Outside of Spider-Man being framed for the murder of Quentin Beck aka Mysterio and his secret idenity being revealed by J.K. Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson, we don’t know much about the third MCU Spider-Man film other than Parker will likely be hunted-down by authorities.

The recent Morbius teaser trailer confirmed that the Sony Pictures spinoff film takes place in the same space as Spider-Man: Homecoming as it featured a brief cameo from Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture during some sort of prison escape scene.

No casting announcements have been made as the planned summer shoot was squashed by COVID-19, also delaying Uncharted‘s March production start. Sony most likely is going to have Tom Holland shoot the video game adaptation first in Germany (projects filming there expected to resume soon) before moving over to the Spidey project at some point.

While there have been production grids making the rounds online recently suggesting a September start for the Spider-Man sequel (working title Serenity Now) in the United States, it’s really hard to take any of those dates seriously when the COVID-19 pandemic changes day-to-day. Making those listings/dates kind of useless. Most recently, the state of Georgia has seen a massive spike of new cases over the last week and would suggest most filming that was expected to take place in Atlanta won’t be happening anytime soon along with prep/set construction given the size of the crews needed to put that together.

If the production start on Spider-Man 3 is indeed delayed into 2021 (looking more likely every day), I wouldn’t expect the film to be released on November 5th, 2021 and most likely will be pushed to another date in 2022.

The recent extension deal between Sony and Marvel includes another unnamed MCU film that will feature Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, however, what that project ultimately will be remains to be seen.

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