Animated Series ‘Mission Hill’ Getting Spinoff Titled ‘Gus & Wally’

Former executive producers of The Simpsons, Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, left to launch their own animated alt-comedy series titled Mission Hill which only last 13-episodes. It’s still one of my faovrite animated shows and according to a new tweet made by Bill they’ll planning on pitching a spinoff focusing on supporting characters Gus Duncz and Wally Langford, an older gay couple that lives in the building and are friends of the show’s lead characters.

Wally was voiced by SpongeBob SquarePants‘ Tom Kenny and Gus by veteran voice actor Nick Jameson.

Bill also revealing the show will stick to it’s original setting and will take place in 2000.

OAKLEY: FYI Josh Weinstein working on bringing the show back and are taking it out to buyers soon. The new show takes place about six months after the original series ended (so 2000) and there is more Gus & Wally which is why it is tentatively titled GUS & WALLY.

Oakley and Weinstein moved on to produce the series Futurama. Most recently the pair reunited with Matt Groening for the Netflix animated series Disenchantment.

MISSION HILL – Andy French is an aspiring cartoonist who has trouble holding a job or a girlfriend even while he rooms with two other eccentric roommates in an apartment in the Mission Hill area of the city of Cosmopolis. The fact that he has to house his obnoxiously precocious younger brother, Kevin, is no help. However, this quartet of disparate individuals manages to struggle through life’s bizarre trials even as they learn to get along.


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